Cathy Eising

certified iyengar instructor

Cathy’s teaching style is warm and engaging. She combines 25 years experience as a yoga instructor with her skills as a professional therapist which allows her to teach to the individual needs of her students – on both a physical and emotional level.

Cathy Eising began studying yoga in the early 1980’s. While taking classes with Joan White, Senior Iyengar teacher, she became captivated by the Iyengar method. During that time, she had her first experience of wholeness, as the practice stabilized her emotions and opened her mind, on and off the mat. Cathy invites her students to explore the movement, stillness, endurance, and joy of practicing yoga.

Meditation Class, Cathy Eising“My love of teaching comes from using the language of yoga to weave universal themes into everyday experience. A wonderful by-product of the practice is a stronger, more flexible body, and increased mental ability to focus on challenging physical postures, as well as subtle nuances of energy and space.”Cathy began teaching in the early 1990’s, and attained Intermediate Jr. 1 Iyengar Teacher certification in 2005. She was a regular student of Mary Dunn, a longtime Senior Iyengar Teacher, who was the founding direction of IYNAUS and a founder of three Iyengar Yoga Institutes in the U.S.

Cathy has practiced meditation for decades, drawing her experience from a variety of diverse and honored traditions. She recognizes common themes in yoga, Buddhism, Christianity and western science, and values the contributions of each. She is now bringing her meditation skills forward to teach others about this meaningful and accessible practice. She wants to help students explore themselves more deeply through methods that feel authentic and are practical.

Cathy recently moved to Asheville from the New York area, with her husband and two dogs. She has a passion for native gardening and enjoys mountain hikes with family and friends. She and her husband are getting to know Asheville through the many and varied dining experiences in the area.

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