Alignment Yoga Classes

These classes use principles of aligning the body so the spine and torso are correctly positioned to maximize breathing, improve strength and balance in all yoga postures, and minimize injury. In this approach, students move into and out of a single asana at a time, rather than through a flow sequence, although occasionally a few poses are linked slowly and mindfully.

Alignment, All Levels

“All Levels” means the class is appropriate for students who have taken at least six Level 1 or beginner yoga classes. A well rounded sequence of poses is taught, ranging from standing poses, twists, chest openers, back bends, and inversions. Teachers demonstrate most of the poses and offer variations to safely match the abilities of students who have taken classes at levels 1 through 3.

Alignment, Level I

Classes at this level are perfect for students with limited yoga experience, who are new to alignment-based yoga, or who want a refresher class. Basic poses are taught to build strength as well as flexibility. The class includes a range of standing postures, simple twists, chest openers, and supported inversions. Progressions will be offered depending on a student’s experience and ability.

Alignment, Level II

Classes at this level deepen and expand the study of standing postures, headstand, shoulder stand, arm balances, unsupported backbends, pranayama, and the way yogic philosophy affects our lives. Students who attend this class should be developing a consistent, self-directed practice.