Yoga By Donation

Dana or Donation?

Dana is an ancient Pali word meaning “generosity,” “giving” or “gift.” Going back to the days of the Buddha, the teachings were considered priceless and thus offered freely, as a form of dana. The early teachers received no payment for their instruction, and in turn the lay community saw to it that their teachers’ basic needs for food, clothing, shelter and medicine were provided.

The act of giving is of immeasurable benefit to the giver - it opens up the heart, diminishes self-absorption, and places value on the well-being of others. The size or value of the gift is of little importance. The act of giving is the natural expression of a connected and loving heart. The practice of giving generates a moment devoid of greed and full of joy and loving-kindness.

One Center Yoga offers classes to all. If you cannot attend either one of the dana-based classes because of your schedule, please, come join us anytime. In the spirit of generosity, we offer the teachings of yoga to you. Please practice in the giving of dana as you can.

May the loving kindness engendered by the cultivation of generosity in your life be returned to you a thousand fold.


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This class meets on Tuesdays from 3:45-5:15pm