Letitia Walker

Letitia Walker

Letitia Walker’s friendly yet firm teaching style provides students with a caring, non-competitive setting that addresses the entire student: the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Her clear, anatomically-oriented instructions, detailed explanations of benefits, engaging personality, and sense of humor work together to make classes light-hearted and fun, even in the midst of challenging, disciplined work.

“As Sri Aurobindo says, ‘All life is yoga.’ What we do on the mat serves our life—our dharma—off the mat. Practice cultivates discernment, so we can practice asana more precisely and effectively. But, more importantly, we learn to make choices in daily life that bring us closer to who we truly are, so that we may live a life without regret.”

Letitia is an Affiliate Purna Yoga Instructor, a graduate of the College of Purna Yoga at the 500-hour level, and a graduate of Lillah Schwartz’s teacher training at the 200-hour level. She has been practicing yoga since 1998, teaching since 2004, and has studied with noted teachers, including Aadil Palkhivala, Savitri, Roger Cole, Michael Stone, and Bryan Legere, from whom she received her certification to teach using The Great Yoga Wall.

Letitia designs her own line of graphic tees (Look Good Tees), sold at One Center Yoga and other venues. She and her husband co-authored Sock Monkey Dreams: Daily Life at the Red Heel Monkey Shelter (Viking Studio, 2006). She loves cooking, gardening, and spending time with friends and family, most notably her husband, Whitney, writer and master DJ extraordinaire, and the two cutest shih tzu rescues on the planet, Dolly and Didi.

You may contact Letitia at: writeLetitia@gmail.com