Planting Seeds

spring is in the air planting seeds Early this morning as I admired the coral-colored hyacinths, yellow daffodils, and fuchsia tulips growing in my front yard, I reminded myself that this exuberant expression of the changing seasons happens every year in the mountains of North Carolina. Amazing! Each plant starts from a seed, which sprouts into a sapling, which flowers, which goes to fruit, which produces seed, which continues the cycle. I’ll say it again—amazing!

As I watched the daffodils raise their sprightly heads, I felt like raising mine, too. Spring is in the air! I felt energized, renewed, and enthused. I wanted to clean up the yard, plant a vegetable garden, throw out winter clothes, shake off the doldrums, and walk the dogs. “Get going,” that inner voice chided. “You’ve got so much to do!”

By 8am, I’d washed, dried, and folded laundry, meditated, and practiced yoga. As I was about to “spring” into action on that lively, imaginary to-do list, my brother-in-law Dave called. Dear caring Dave—the grieving widow of my recently deceased sister, Amy. Talking to him was not on my list. Yet, the opportunity arose and I embraced it, which meant I didn’t get started on my list-of-things-I-want-to-do-this-Spring because the list is simply a set of thought-seeds in my head. Dave isn’t. He’s real.

Honestly, I can’t do all that my mind wants me to do. And unlike the flowers blooming in the yard, usually I have a choice about how I want to spend my time. The mind-made to-do list never ends so I must discern what I want and need to pursue now. Today I pursued connecting with Dave.

It’s quite likely that climate change will impact the changing seasons on our beloved planet, but here’s what never changes: discerning how we want to spend our time and energy right now. I know I want to make wise choices with a clear head and open heart. Therefore, is planting a vegetable garden as important to me as getting on the yoga mat or taking time to talk to a family member who is suffering? Not really. I’ll support the farmers at the tailgate markets. So this year I’m going to celebrate spring by reflecting on what seeds in my life as a human being I want to plant so they sprout, flower, and grow. Amazing!


Cindy Dollar

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