Yoga for the Asymmetric Pelvis

Lillah Asymmetric Pelvis 2Yoga for the
Asymmetric Pelvis

Saturday April 29
1 – 4 pm with Lillah Schwartz


Do you experience one-sided hip pain, corresponding low back pain, or a catch in your ‘giddy-up’?

Join Lillah to investigate the pelvic floor, sacroiliac joints, and buttock muscles in relation to leg length discrepancies and other asymmetries of the pelvis that can lead to back pain.

Through practice, we will:

  • Identify muscular imbalances
  • Learn how to support the sacroiliac joints
  • Gain specific understanding of the best home-base poses to release, stabilize, and balance your hips and pelvis

This is Lillah’s specialty, as she has learned how to manage her own SI joint and hip asymmetries from a tailbone accident years ago.

Cost: $50 in advance, $55 day of

More About Lillah:

Lillah has produced three therapeutic yoga DVD’s, one for back pain, one for neck and shoulder pain, and a new release—“Yoga for the Asymmetric Pelvis.” All three DVD’s complement chapters in her recent book, Healing Our Backs with Yoga: An Essential Guide to Back Pain Relief. Lillah has been a yoga trailblazer since opening Asheville’s first yoga studio in 1981. After 35 years of teaching and service, she is now the first registered and Certified IAYT Yoga Therapist (International Association of Yoga Therapy) in Asheville.

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