Therapeutic Yoga Classes

We offer weekly and special 2-hour weekend classes designed to strengthen and heal vulnerable areas of the body, such as the back, knees, neck, and shoulders. Props, such as bolsters, blocks, and straps are used to permit students to adjust poses for optimal access and safety, and to prevent further injury. Students of all ages benefit from these classes as needed.


Other therapeutic classes are geared towards students over the age of 50, who may have age-related physical issues and want to improve their balance, maintain bone density, gain muscle strength and flexibility, or lower their blood pressure. Many of these students proudly define themselves as seniors, who have experienced firsthand the physical and emotional benefits of a consistent yoga practice.


Back Care Basics

This class guides students into poses that safely and effectively stretch and strengthen the back. Whether you are dealing with chronic back issues or a recent injury, this class can help you improve back function and reduce and heal back pain. This is an all levels class.

Dynamic Yoga after 50

Is 50 the new 40? Find out in Lillah’s class. Discover new ways to practice your familiar yoga poses integrating alignment and physiology with insight into your subtle body. Expand your perspectives on yoga as a healing art. All categories of yoga will be addressed including some form of inversion and breath awareness in every class. Open to the mind body connection for health and vitality. All ages welcome.

Yoga Basics after 50

An unhurried foundational class perfect for beginners and people with re-occurring or present injuries or aliments. Class is designed to help students improve and maintain healthy overall function. The class addresses arthritis, heart health, posture, back health, balance, and breathing practices. Home practice recommendations are offered.